Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is this game?
  2. To be blunt, this isn't a game. It's a concept created for a project in which a website were to be created about a topic of your choice. I decided to create Pandora's Box and its universe for my assignment.

  3. Okay, but what is Pandora's Box about?
  4. Dorothy has a box that grants wishes. Each wish has a price, which is usually paid for by taking from someone else. She never had to live with the consequences. When a car crash kills her four best friends, she uses the box to go back and change their fate; however, the box will only allow one person to be saved each time she goes back and prevents her from saving anyone else. Dorothy has to outsmart the box in order to save her friends and pay the price for it.

  5. Will this game ever be developed?
  6. Maybe. You never know.